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nutrition & meal preparation coaching

Prepped Portions of Food

fridge raid!

1 hr - FREE (first time only; subsequent raids $50)


Your Weighted Plate trainer will examine the contents of your refrigerator with you and break it all down in terms of macronutrients, micronutrients, portion sizes, what a balanced day of eating looks like, and more. . First raid is complimentary with first training package purchase!

grocery store coaching trip

1 hr - $50

Your Weighted Plate trainer will accompany you to your grocery store of choice and guide you in choosing the healthiest options, help you learn to read labels and nutritional facts in a way that benefits your goals, and more.

meal preparation coaching

1 hr - inquire for pricing


After your workout, your Weighted Plate trainer will come upstairs with you to your apartment if you so desire and will help you to make a delicious and nutritious post-workout meal, help you to meal prep for the week ahead, and whatever else is needed.

personalized nutrition plan



The Weighted Plate team will create a personalized nutrition plan for you, including a suggested grocery list with recipes ideas, a macronutrient breakdown for your goals and body type, and more. This purchase includes check-ins and re-writes to the plan if need be. 

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